It was only after many years of long contemplation and deep thought that The Masters instructed that the Register of Healing be re-opened on this International web site. We therefore invite you to have your name and the names of family & friends added to: The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power register below. Please email a name, or the initials, you wish to have added to the Register of Healing. You may also choose as many do to be on the Register privately and not be added to the online list. Healings are sent from the Masters and Healing Circles at the hours of 12-3-6-9-12 day and night.

If you wish to help and support THE SANCTUARY OF THE SILENT HEALING POWER you can join with us in sending out Healing prayers to those on the list below, or leave a donation here to help to maintain this web site.


We ask for very special Healing Prayers please for: Stacy, a nurse from Florida , who has been working with COVID-19 patients and is now unwell herself.  In fact lets all make a special effort to send Healings out to ALL nurses worldwide who daily place their own lives in danger to help us in times of need.. 

Denis Uzzell in the ​UK


(a nurse in the USA) 


Arlene in the USA​

                                         Pamela Irene Cocksedge who has just been diagnosed with a tumour.                                                      

Nat Manasseh                 Shirley Anne Richardson, of Cumbria, England .              James Thornton, Watermouth, Devon, England.

Sandra Jovica

Michael Francis

Martin Lyttle

Evelyn Toft

John Stubbs

Diane Green

Emilie Witt

Shanahan Dawson

Karine Rathle

Heinrich Vetter

Jean Stubbs

Caitlin Mowatt

Colin Hankins

Bruce Crowthers

Mary Irvine




Michele Mowatt

Ashley Mowatt

Mary Margaret Cowie

Joan Fitzgerald

Elke Zauner

Debra Holding

Nicole Matheson

Zac Mowatt

Antonina Leonova

Alannah Teresa Dysart Fitzgerald

Catherine Mary Fitzgerald

Anneliese Zauner

Zoe Holding

Warren Green

Jack Heijnen 17-11-1954. 

​ Philene Van Essen 22-10-1959.

 Jon Robertson in Seattle USA mulitple health problems.

"I said last evening that I was going to explain something about the “Sanctuary.” The Sanctuary has been brought into operation by Spiritual guidance. It has the foundation of true healing. Now, we know that there are thousands of healers in the world that have passed beyond this physical world but are still in the world, and are aiding and helping everyone who wants help. These healers have a Spiritual organisation through which the work is done. Long ago I was told to organise this throughout the world, but I took my time, you know what I do. One feels that the time is not ready and so forth and you have got so much to do. But then I began to feel the influence behind this great Spiritual effort, and it was begun.

Now when a person wants aid and help, their name is put on a register. Immediately its put on that register,

it is taken into a “Spiritual Register,” and there Spiritual Forces are working entirely in unison with the Sanctuary here. When a person asks me for help, I directly work towards that end, to give that help. But I also call into operation those Spiritual Forces that are working entirely in the Spiritual World for the purpose of helping people.Therefore this is not an entirely a physical organisation but a spiritual organisation and that is why so many miraculous things have taken place.

I could go on all night trying to explain it. But if youwill see the fundamentals that I want to show you, is that when a name is placed upon the register for healing, it is immediately transferred to a Spiritual Register. It is taken by those Spiritual Forces who are working in harmony and in unison with us, then Forces are detailed to assist that individual no matter in what part of the world they may be. I have been trained in this work to move also in the astral so that I can help when necessary, but if you knew the many thousands of Spiritual helpers, you would be amazed.

Thousands of them are working for the benefit of people all over the world. Now I hope that will give you some idea of what it is"

- Dr. Mac. How to Relax and Revitalze Yourself.

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